Catering Request Form

Your Meal will include any combination of meats and sides.

You’ll get extra stuff like pickles, onions, jalapenos, bread, BBQ sauce, plastic cutlery, and napkins!

Per Person (Min. 20 persons)

  • One Meat + Two Sides - $13 per person
  • Two Meats + Two Sides - $15 per person
  • Three Meats + Two Sides -  $18 per person
  • (Brisket is a premium add $2 per person)
  • TOO MANY OPTIONS?! Shoot us a text or call to see if we can create a menu for your budget!

Plenty Tido Sauce included with every order!


Choose your Meats ( 3 option limit)


Choose your Sides ( 2 option limit)

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Arduawwn + Shy
Business Phone: 602-726-9000
Payments: Cash, Credit + Debit Cards, & Corporate Business Invoicing
*Pricing subject to change at any time and at the sole discretion of Smoke Somethin' BBQ LLC.